Frequently Asked Questions

What is a prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists are dental specialists in the restoration and replacement of teeth. After completing four years of dental school, prosthodontists receive three additional years of specialized training in an American Dental Association (ADA) accredited graduate education program.

Rigorous training provides prosthodontists with a special understanding of the dynamics of a smile, the preservation of a healthy mouth, and the creation of tooth replacements. Serving as the “architect” of a dental treatment plan, prosthodontists collaborate with general dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists and other health professionals to develop solutions to your dental concerns.


I have dental insurance, and I found out that your office doesn’t participate with insurance. Can I still come to your office for treatment?

YES! Dental insurance creates confusion for many patients regarding their benefits. Dental insurance is a contract between your employer and a dental insurance company. Any benefits you receive are paid in accordance with the terms of the contract that was negotiated by your employer. Most dental insurance policies cover only basic care. Because the benefits you currently have are decided between your employer and your insurance company, many services are not covered. Dental insurance companies rarely cover 100 percent of a dental specialist’s fee. In fact, many times they cover less than 50% or nothing at all. Often the insurance companies try to control the amount of dentistry you receive.

At Myshin Prosthodontics, our goal is to provide excellence in prosthodontic care at reasonable and fair fees. Our specialty services are typically not covered. We are happy to complete insurance forms and submit your treatment to your insurance company as a courtesy. We will strive to achieve the maximum reimbursement to which you are entitled under your dental insurance plan. Fees for our services are due at the time of service. Please let us know if you have any questions—it will be our pleasure to help you.

I am interested in dental implants. Why can’t I have all of the treatment in one office?

The placement and restoration of dental implants is a coordinated effort between a surgeon and a prosthodontist. We work with several area periodontists and oral surgeons to help provide the best care for our patients. Excellence in dental implant care results when a sound plan is carried out by the appropriate specialist. After a treatment plan is developed for you, Dr. Myshin will work closely with your surgeon to ensure the best possible result. If you do not have a surgeon, Dr. Myshin will be happy to recommend one for you.

Do I need to be referred to your office to have an appointment?

Although many of our patients are recommended to us by other dentists, we welcome new patients with difficult dental problems or cosmetic concerns to our practice without a dentist-referral. Thank you for referring your family and friends!